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:O :O :O :O :O :O

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Haha, this song is pure grime! Sounds like a talking robot that was just short-circuited. I like your inclusion of the soundbyte from Reality Check.

cornandbeans responds:

haha it's from an old eazy e track dude ;) i love the song you're talking about though

Hypnose (NG Cut) Hypnose (NG Cut)

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This song is awesome. Lots of energy and great sounds! Also, you execute the drops REALLY well. Great job!

.:{[(arkticat)]}:. Dnb Dnb Dnb .:{[(arkticat)]}:. Dnb Dnb Dnb

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You gotta stop fading in and out! But anyway, I enjoyed the beginning a lot. You introduced the distorted drums well, I just wish you gradually made the backgrounds pads become a little distorted as well. The rest of the song is really interesting neurofunk. Maybe use that pots 'n' pans snare a little less often. It starts to sound a tad repetitious. Also, I'm interested to see how a somewhat slower tempo would would sound like (sort of like what the drums do in the beginning with the pads). Finally, it would be nice if you made the song longer and perhaps put the strings back in at some point (you sort of do, but not enough). I'm so used to ~6 minuted dnb that the song feels criminally short.

Besides all those suggestions, I really like the mastering and the general feel of the song. A very enjoyable listen!

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landscapers1 responds:

Thanks a lot, sir : )
Yes I might continue this song... a day...

Dnb N' Guitars Loop Dnb N' Guitars Loop

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The Bass!

Ah, that is one filthy bassline!

Homesick (DEMO) Homesick (DEMO)

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Need more!

The beginning was so great that I waited for it to resurface near the end. But since this is a demo, I'm not too worried. I love the happy vibe the song gives out. In the middle, I feel like some notes are the wrong length (either that or there is too much emphasis on each new note). Besides that, I love what you have going here. Sounds like Deadmau5, but in some ways better!

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landscapers1 responds:

Thanks man! I really apreciate it! yeah it's a demo and I understand you because 30% of demo songs uploaded on the AP sounds unfinished in fact...
So DON'T WORRY the whole song is +7min length ;)

Hypnose (WIP) Hypnose (WIP)

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Definitely a hybrid of Noisia / Spor. Though, I feel everything needs more OOMPH. The drum needs to kick harder, the bass needs to be more pronounced, etc. the mastering needs work, and it especially shows when that record scratch comes in much louder than the rest. Still, decent song.

landscapers1 responds:

The entire song will be more OOMPH.

Paper Planes (DnB Remix) Paper Planes (DnB Remix)

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There's something terribly wrong...

Quite simply. the bass had nothing to do with the rest of the song. It sounded rushed (compared to the slower-paced paper planes), it ate away the rest of the sounds as if you slapped it right over the music and put it at max volume, and it had no musical contribution. I am a heavy DnB listener, and I can tell you the bass is wrong. It would have made a lot more sense to do a dubstep remix of the song. I did, however, enjoy the parts when you put the drums behind those gunshots from the song.

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Alexmac22347 responds:

I guess some people like it and some don't... Thx for the review anyways :) at least there were some parts you enjoyed

Blarsa - One Night Stand Blarsa - One Night Stand

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I love this song so much. The bass SLAMS and the lyrics are hilarious. Basically, this what every song is trying to say lyrically, minus the filters and symbolism. The BURP in the beginning is great, I wish it came twice.

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.:Sentient:. .:Sentient:.

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As a whole, the track was very nice. There were some great powerful melodies in the track. My suggestion for you is to make the drums crisper. They sound flattened right now. Also, the bass could be a bit sharper at times.

I really liked what you did at 2:50. The strings were great. However, you stop them early, and then repeat the loop 2 or 3 times. Instead, you could have fleshed out a longer melody with the strings.

Well, there is my criticism. Hope it helps. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the song. In fact, that's the reason I'm suggesting all these changes.

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Random Things Random Things

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Someone's having too much fun with Garage Band...

Ugh, garage band loops. Meshing a bunch of these loops together does not make good music. Next time, don't let the program make all the music for you.